What we see is not, what we feel.  What we feel is the projection of how we perceive what we see.  Our perceptions are bound by our brain, which has enormous processing and storage power, coupled with consciousness. The limits of these mean machines are marked and expressed by us as words like hero, martyr, lolita, god, etc combined with suffix ‘complex’. Of the all complex we  posses, there are two true powerful ones.  The Superiority Complex and The Inferiority Complex. They are everywhere and they cancel each other out. They strive to achieve a state that no one pushes the other,  a state of equilibrium .  I think they both are two faces of coin. Living together in one soul. Just like id, ego and super ego. Bonded to and by consciousness. We all have inferiority complex same as superiority complex . Did you ever thought,  how we invented stuff over generation,  how we gathered wealth from nothing.  Its all because we had that feeling,  we had nothing but this much.  You can call it anything,  wild imagination of maestros or greed of the unworthy.  Still everything we do,  every invention we made to achieve the unachievable because of the realisation that we are nothing in the universe or we need better life than those around us. You can see that former is nothing but our inferiority complex and later is the superiority one.  Its just a mere thought of his clash of complexes. What ever he do to be the best of and at everything,  the inevitable will occur as it has to.  You can delay, it with all of your achievement,  but still nature follows it’s own rules. And the true victory for us is that when we try to take the duos to that equilibrium, I think that is what our universe is built on. 


Where are we??  

How much bliss human beings had while evolving over millions of years?.  Was it a race, with other phenomenons in the world,  to be the apex being. But how much we evolved??.  From that first amino acid molecules diversified into millions of species. How different are we. We have a society, but ants and bees have it too, which has par better standard . Are we talking about love,  look at pegion who mate for a life time, until you force it to mate with another one, closed in a cage. Whales can communicate to a distance of more than 100 miles without any sophisticated gadgets, we have today. But are we??.. Yes,  we are evolved in a better way.  To have free will, not assigned with any traits.  Or are we confused with all of this free will?? .But whatever it may be,  We have reached to a point, where we can create any form of life, to manipulate and modify anything, both living and non living around which we are evolved. And everything we do is a fight between that superior being and inferior being in us.

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