Where are we??  

How much bliss human beings had while evolving over millions of years?.  Was it a race, with other phenomenons in the world,  to be the apex being. But how much we evolved??.  From that first amino acid molecules diversified into millions of species. How different are we. We have a society, but ants and bees have it too, which has par better standard . Are we talking about love,  look at pegion who mate for a life time, until you force it to mate with another one, closed in a cage. Whales can communicate to a distance of more than 100 miles without any sophisticated gadgets, we have today. But are we??.. Yes,  we are evolved in a better way.  To have free will, not assigned with any traits.  Or are we confused with all of this free will?? .But whatever it may be,  We have reached to a point, where we can create any form of life, to manipulate and modify anything, both living and non living around which we are evolved. And everything we do is a fight between that superior being and inferior being in us.


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